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Yesterday and today
Since the period of the Old Kingdom, Sian was the door of Africa controlling the trade routes from the south to the north…. It was the harbour and the market; its name is derived from Sianite or red granite extracted from its quarries…. Opposite to Sian or Aswan, is Abou or the island of elephants, capital of the first district in Egypt, housing the palace of its governor…. Because of its geographical position, it had been chosen by Erathostenes to calculate the radius of the earth in 230 BC…. Aswan gained more importance, after the high dam construction in 1972, it became a source of electrical energy and a water reservoir…
Explore the historic Aswan
Born more than 5000 years ago, Aswan has been the market of African products: spices, leathers, ivory, fruits and grains, baskets, mummified and living crocodiles…. It is the sunniest winter resort in Egypt, the Nile flowing through amber desert and granite islands covered with palm trees and tropical plants

Emlephantine island
and the ancient Nilometer measuring the floods
Botanical island, a small forest of tropical plants and birds
High dam, one of the world's largest dams (2100000 kw) and its lake, the second in the world, spreads to Sudan (500 km. Long)
Philae temple, built 2378 years ago, was transferred in 1972 to Aegilika Island which level is higher than that of the artificial lake… This temple was dedicated to the goddess Isis

Lake cruise
it goes up to Abu Simbel (280 km to the south of Aswan) allowing the passengers to visit a series of temples built by the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom (Kalabsha, Wadel Seboua, Amada, Abu Simbel)
The colored and spicy souks of Aswan
The Nubian museum, housing the finest collection of Nubian arts and monuments.
Salvage of the Nubian temples
The lower Nubia is the part of the Nile valley lying between the first and second cataract, its ancient name was Kush. Since the period of the Middle Kingdom, Kush was dominated by Egypt and assimilated gradually the Egyptian influence, pharaohs of successive dynasties extended the building of their temples to Kush, today Kush is completely submerged under the waters of the High Dam lake.

In 1960, the UNESCO started a campaign to save the so-called Nubian temples, this successful campaign ended in 1972
Abu Simbel temples
(280 km to the south of Aswan)
Built more than 3250 years ago by the great builder Pharaoh Ramses II, the temples entrances are guarded by the Pharaoh colossal statues. The two temples are completely dug inside the rocky mountain, the salvage took place in 6 phases: Removing 300000 tons of rocks surrounding the temples, cutting the temple into 1036 blocks, and enumerating each one of them, transferring the 15000 tons of enumerated blocks to a higher ground level, reconstruction of the temples, reconstruction of the mountain surrounding the temples (the same phases were applied for the salvage of Philae temple lying between the High Dam and Aswan Dam).

Kalabsha temples
(10 km to the south of Aswan)
Built by the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom and restored by the Romans, dedicated for Egyptian and Nubian gods. Its original location was 40 km to the south of the actual one, and was transferred in the same way as Abu Simbel's.
Wadel Seboua temples (150 km. To the south of Aswan, 2 km north the original location) Built by Ramses II for Egyptian and Nubian gods.
Amada temple (180 km to the south of Aswan, 3 km north the original location)
Built by the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom for Egyptian and Nubian gods. The best well preserved of Nubian temples, it was transferred in one block package on triple railways.

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