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Yesterday and today
Cairo sprang from the foundations of a recent town. recent, according to Egyptian time standards…. This region was originally settled in the Paleolithic and witnessed the development of the Neolithic communities…. This region was, since the predynastic period of the pharaonic era, a very remote extension of On, the center of Ra cult where the priests of Heliopolis worshipped the sun god…. It was there, that the battle opposing Horus to Seth took place, according to the Osirian legend
It was also there, that the Persian invaders built in 525 BC the fort of Babylon to control the trade routes of the Old World…. In 117 Trajan, the roman governor of Egypt, repaired the old canal originally built by the Pharaohs of the 12th dynasty to link, across the Nile dominated by Babylon, the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea…. During later periods of the roman occupation, a Christian community grew up around Babylon where the world's oldest Coptic churches were built, at the end of the 4th century: St. Sergius and St. Barbara.
Taking hold of Babylon in 639, Amr Ibn El As, the leader of the Arab army, conquered Egypt and expelled the Romans… gradually, Egypt converted to Islam…the location of Amr's camp, in front of Babylon, became the center of a military city El Fostat or the tent… an extension was to be added by the Abbasssides El Askar or the soldiers... this was followed by another extension added by the Toulounides El Katayea or the tribes … therefore the city grew up in splendour: Amr's mosque, the world's oldest third mosque, the palace of the governor, public bathes, houses, gardens, markets…. In 969 Gohar, the Fatimides army leader built, to the north of El Katayea, a much larger city El Kahera or the victorious (Cairo)... .In 973 El Azhar mosque and Islamic University was built…. Cairo became the capital of Egypt… in 1176 Saladin built the Citadel and surrounded the old city and the capital, with defensive walls.
The reign of Ismail started, in 1865, a new era of modernization: Cairo was enlarged by adding new extensions (Roda, Gézira, Giza, Dokki and Heliopolis) ….Wide streets adorned with trees, gardens, Opera house, houses and villas, large hotels ….In 1952, a revolution took place and Egypt became a republic, new cities were built around Cairo to solve the problems of overpopulation (Nasr city, Ramadan city, Ocober city, Shourouk city, Oubour city…). Cairo today is one of the world's largest cities, it is a metropolitan city: many luxurious hotels, wide variety of restaurants, all types of museums, galleries of arts, Opera house and theaters, 5 large universities, sports clubs and stadiums, zoological gardens and entertainment centers (Wonder Land, dream Land, Aqua Park, Crazy Water….), movies and shopping centers, the Old Bazaar of Khan El Khalili, a large net of underground metro, bridges and highways, 2 international airports, floating hotels and restaurants on the Nile, modern hospitals and banks, aviation and tourist agencies, embassies and cultural centers, languages schools and universities…. And above all the welcoming Egyptian people.
Explore Cairo
Cairo is a city that never sleeps, it is a 5000 years old megalopolis stretching to the pyramids.

Memphis Necropolis
In 3200 BC the legendary
Pharaoh "Mena" unified Egypt
and created the first state in history, his capital was "Memphis"…. Parallel to the capital, on the Nile western bank, the "city of the dead" covered a sandy stretch 50-km long…. More than 80 pyramids, hundreds of tombs and mastabas bearing colored paintings which represent the daily life of the ancient Egyptians…. Giza pyramids and the sphinx built 4600 years ago for the pharaohs: Khufu, Khafra and Menkawra Sakkara steps Pyramid, built 4700 years ago for the pharaoh Djeser, the first rocky construction in history

Egyptian Museum
Built in 1857, under the supervision of August Mariette, it contains the fabulous treasure of Tutankhamen, the hall of mummies and the largest collection of Pharaonic monuments.

Modern Cairo
Opera house, with its galleries of arts and music halls. Heliopolis, with its commercial centers and gardens. Floating restaurants, navigating on the Nile. Sound and light show at Giza pyramids.
Old Cairo
Stretching on the Nile eastern bank, Old Cairo is a mixture of the present and the past, Coptic and Islamic monuments:

Coptic Museum, the most beautiful collection of Coptic arts (icons, manuscripts, sacerdotal ornaments…)
Islamic museum, the most beautiful collection of Islamic arts (ivory-inlaid wooden doors and screens, mosaic and marble fountains, silver and gold inlaid weapons, colored glass cups…)
St. Serge church, built on the crypt in which the Holy Family stayed, it is regarded as a source of blessings
St. Barbara church built on the southern tower gate of Babylon fort and dedicated for the Virgin, it houses ebony and ivory inlaid wooden screens
St. Mercurius church, houses a collection of 175 rare icons.
Amr's mosque is the oldest one in Egypt, it houses a marble column sent from Mekka in 642
The Citadel and its alabaster mosque.
El Azhar mosque, the oldest Islamic university in the world.
Khan el Khalily bazaars, the oldest market in Cairo (spices, fruits, ivory, silver, gold, tissues, restaurants and coffee shops of local type)

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