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Western desert Oases
Surrounded by an ocean of sterile sands, the oases are green islands of fertile soil…. Many projects are executed to create a new valley, parallel to the Nile valley, in this so much promising region (more than 5 millions of feddans are available for agriculture)…
( 230 Km south to Assiut ) The most advanced and the largest oasis (area 3500 Km2, 60 000 inhabitants)… Hibis, the capital's name in Greek, is divided into a modern city and an ancient one (much smaller in which the narrow streets are roofed)…. Hibis temple, built by Darius the Persian 2500 years ago, was dedicated to Amun… an ancient Christian necropolis is lying north to Bagawat, the ancient capital…. Agricultural projects are very promising: 3000 natural sources of water, 500 artificial water sources, more than 4 millions of feddans are available for agriculture. To the south, the hot water natural springs (up to 43°C), well known for the treatment of rheumatism and allergies

( 200 Km to the south west of Kharga ) Almost equal to Kharga (area 1500 km2, 50000 inhabitants). It is a group of 10 settlements, well known for its fruits, apricots, and mangos…. The capital Mut, goddess of Waset, houses the museum of inheritance (showing Dakhla culture and family life)… the ancient capital El Kasr (35 Km from Mut) is a labyrinth of mud-walled houses separated by very narrow alleys… A spring of hot sulfured water is close to the ruins of a temple dedicated to Amun.
( 330 km to the south -west of Cairo ) Its 10 000 inhabitants are divided between 4 villages, the largest of which is Bawiti famous for its dates…. The other three villages are well known for their water springs (27 °C). There are ruins of ancient temples at El Kasr… At Bawiti, ruins of an ancient Coptic Church…. The White Desert is an attractive destination for tourists, lying to the south of Baharia, it appears similar to the moon surface: white mica and white rocks having curious shapes: mush-room, castles, pipes…

(300 Km to the south west of Marsa Matrouh ) Its 20 000 inhabitants are divided between 2 settlements and small oases… Known for its lakes and water springs useful for the treatment of rheumatism, as well as for its fruits: dates and olives…. It is a beautiful garden surrounding the fresh water springs…

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