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Beauty of the nature
The strategic position of Sinai and its mineral resources had always been of great importance to the pharaohs of Egypt who succeeded to keep Sinai under control. Historical traces of this influence are not the main attraction, Sinai visitors are interested in its beaches and its well known Monastery of St. Catherine
St. Catherine's Monastery
It looks like a rectangular fort, surrounded by high granite walls enclosing the different elements of the monastery…built by the emperor Justinian in 527, it was originally the idea of the empress Helen of Russia. The monastery is lying between 2 sacred mountains: Moses mountain, 2285 meters high, on which the prophet received the "Tables of the law"… and St. Catherine mountain, 2367 meters high, on which the angels placed the body of the saint… discovered 500 years later, the body was taken to the monastery…. The main elements of the monastery are: A small mosque built in the 10th century Moses fountain and the garden The library containing 3500 manuscripts (Greek, Arabic, Coptic, Armenian, Syrian, Slavic…) which represent the second best world collection after that of the Vatican The museum containing the treasure: Russian and French cups, reliquaries, icons, crosses, sacerdotal ornaments The Church of Byzantine Style, built in the 6 th century, and containing : paintings of the prophets and the disciples, Russian lamps in silver and gold ,icons ……a marble sarcophagus containing the relics of the saint ……..the floor of the church is an Arab mosaic of marble……
Sharm El Sheikh
On Akaba gulf 340 km. to the south -east of Suez "Sharm El Sheikh" is an important tourstic destination : beaches framed by multicolored mountains from one side and from the other side the blue sky sea , exquisite coral reefs ,luxurious hotels , marinas and diving centers……

Ras Mohamed
On the southern peak of Sinai 55 km to the south - west of Sharm El Sheikh… Ras Mohamed is a natural reserve … a refuge for rare forms of life ... the Paradise of divers…

Other Tourist centers
Leaving Sharm el Sheikh and heading to the north, following the coast, there we have 3 centers known for: their beautiful natural frame, their beaches and their diving sites … these centers are Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba.

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