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Egypt is the motherhood of civilization, a land of refuge and tolerance. This land, which frontiers have not changed for more than 5000 years, witnessed the succession of migrations, currents of ideology, philosophies and religious beliefs.
Egypt is a diversified country, an open sky museum: pyramids and temples, monasteries and mosques, oases and deserts…. the waters of the Mediterranean reveal the glory of Alexandria, the Red Sea offers its: coral reefs, fauna, flora and crystalline water.
In the north-eastern angle of Africa between Libya and the
Red Sea opposite to the Mediterranean, Egypt extends over 1 million km2 frontiers with Sudan, Libya and Israel.

Cairo, 16 millions of inhabitants.

Population and religion
64 millions of inhabitants, 90% of Moslems and 10% of Christians, mostly belonging to the Coptic Church.

Climate and clothes
Moderate climate at the coasts and the delta, hot in the south and the west. night is cold in winter. Light clothes (woolen at night). Protection against the sun. Shoes fit for long walks.

Arabic is the official language, English and French are spoken in touristic areas.
Time / Hour
GMT + 2 (October to March)
GMT + 3 (April to September)

Foreign countries to Egypt: 00
international, 20 Egypt, 2 Cairo,
3 Alexandria, 95 Luxor,
97 Aswan, 62 Sharm El Sheikh,
65 Hurghada /
El Gouna / Soma / Safaga /
El Kosseir / Marsa Alam.

Electric current
220 volts; in some areas 110 volts.

Currency and fax
Currency change is available in first class hotels.
Fax is available in first and
Second class hotels.

A mailed letter to Europe would reach its destination within a week.

Total solar eclipse in Egypt a unique phenomena that
happens .... more

Appearance of the Dugong in Marsa Alam Don't miss
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Enjoy and feel the adventure
In Sinai, Oasis, Desert

Make a safari in the egyptian
White Desert to see the nature and the mountains

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